India’s Neighbourhood First Policy

Improvements of India’s Neighbourhood Relation


India’s Neighbourhood First Policy

  • Prime Minister of India first visit abroad is to Maldives and Srilanka proves the New Delhi’s “Neighbourhood First Policy”.
  • Foreign Minister wraps up his first visit to Bhutan to strengthening neighbourhood relation.

   Agreements with Maldives and Srilanka

  • A series of agreements expected  to Maldives are:

            1. Implementation of $800 million Line of credit to Maldives.

            2. Cricket Stadium, Water purification, sewerage system.

            3. Coastal Surveillance radar System

            4. Composite training centre for Maldives National Defence Force.



  • Main aims to send a three pronged message to Maldives are:

             1. To continue high-level contacts between close neighbours

             2. To assist as development partners.

             3. To strengthen people-to people ties.

  • His commitment to continue bilateral cooperation on joint development projects with Srilanka agreed to in 2017.
  •  He will be the first international leader to visit Colombo since the attacks, and his visit sends a powerful message as Sri Lanka tries to recover from the trauma.
  • Today’s Government are in contrast to the comparatively trickier relationship with the previous governments in Male and Colombo during  first tenure.

  Chinese relation with Maldives and Srilanka

  • China’s inroads into the region had formed a common thread straining ties with both countries.
  • India protested when the Yameen government signed a free trade agreement with Beijing, and granted China land for development.
  • Mr. Rajapaksa granted to Chinese companies under heavy Chinese loans.
  •  Deeper concerns arose from the Chinese naval presence in both Male and Colombo.

 Present Governments with New message

  • The situation has turned in which Governments in both countries have changed.
  • Besides a charm offensive, India has chosen to mute its opposition to their continued cooperation with China on the Belt and Road Initiative.
  • A realisation in Delhi that at a time when factors such as the U.S.-China trade tussles and tensions in West Asia pose uncertainties, strong neighbourhood ties can provide much comfort.

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  • India- Maldives relation
  • India- Srilanka relation


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