1. Ponzi Scheme

The Ponzi scheme generates returns for older investors by acquiring new investors

2. Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) Bill

HECI is drafted by the Centre have far-reaching implications for the expansion and quality of human resource development.

3. Non-Performing Asset Issue

NPA of scheduled commercial banks in the country could rise from 11.6% in March 2018 to 12.2% in March 2019

4. Uranium Contemination in Groundwater

Drinking such water can damage one’s kidneys, and the World Health Organization prescribes 30 mcg/l as an upper limit

5. Plastic Waste Management

India hosted this year’s World Environment Day and made a high-profile pledge, to international acclaim, that it would do away with all single-use plastics by 2022

6. Malnutrition Crisis

A lack of development in the tribal belts causes unacceptably high level of malnutrition among children

7. Nutrition Security

Special nutritional schemes for women and children operated through the States

8. Trade War

Trade wars can commence if one country perceives another country's trading practices to be unfair.

9. New York Declaration vs Refugees

The Declaration sets the stage for a new framework for refugee protection — the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR)

10. India and ASEAN Relation

India and the ASEAN have been very ambitious in articulating the potential of their partnership, they have been much less effective in operationalising their ideas. The need now is to focus on functional cooperation and make the idea of an India-ASEA